Flor Essence  7 Day Purification Program

Flor Essence 7 Day Purification Program

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The water we drink, the air we breath and the food we eat all nourish and fuel us, but in today’s world they may come with some unwanted extras. High levels of pollutants like heavy metals, hormones and chemicals are increasingly present in all three. Fortunately, the Flor•Essence 7-Day Purification Program can help counterbalance these unwanted elements, bringing the body’s functioning back to the way nature intended by supporting and accelerating its natural cleansing process and removing accumulated waste and toxins. The unique Flor•Essence 7-Day Purification Program contains three great Flora products that work to gently and synergistically support your cleansing efforts.

Kit contains:

  • Flor•Essence Herbal Tea Blend – Gentle, whole body detoxifying tea concentrate to help cleansing organs remove toxins more efficiently.
  • Pro•Essence – Urinary tract support herbal supplement to help flush harmful toxins out of the kidneys, bladder and urinary system.
  • Floralax II – A gentle and effective natural laxative to support the organs of digestion.


NPN 80038661

NPN Claim: Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as diuretics, diaphoretics and alteratives to help remove accumulated waste products from the body.